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Amalgamated Life Insurance Company

I am thrilled to share some exciting news: Amalgamated Life Insurance Company, a member of the Amalgamated Family of Companies has joined the Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) family of clients.

The Amalgamated Family of Companies, based in White Plains, NY, has it roots dating back to 1943 when the Amalgamated Life Insurance Company was founded to provide for the financial well-being of working men and women. Today, Amalgamated Life offers a broad range of insurance solutions including group life, disability coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, medical stop-loss insurance and voluntary benefits.

Through its affiliates, including the Amalgamated Agency, an insurance brokerage and risk management firm; AliCare, a third-party administrator; AliCare Medical Management, a care management solution provider; AliComp, a partner for mainframe outsourcing and information technology solutions; and AliGraphics, a printing and graphics firm; the organization is a multifaceted resource for many critical products and services. To learn more about Amalgamated Life Insurance Company visit their website at

Amalgamated Life can now take advantage of VBA’s Flexibility, Functionality, and Technology to create new efficiencies. By using features like our process automation tool, hyperlink navigation, and offline auto-adjudication, VBA clients have experienced a reduction in variable overhead of over 50%!

FREE monthly updates and the flexibility of user–definable fields will allow Amalgamated Life to easily adjust to any market changes they may encounter. VBA’s software platform, which has been built with an eye on the future, and is ICD 10 compliant, meets Amalgamated Life’s current needs and anticipated future needs.

You can now efficiently administer Life and Disability, Medical, Dental, FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Vision and Medicaid/Medicare lines of business on one software system with VBA. For more information on VBA, visit our NEW WEBSITE at or call me directly at 262-946-1210 or send me an email at

Thomas Witter

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