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VBA New Client Update: Preferred Health Plans of the Carolinas

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you: Preferred Health Plans of the Carolinas, which is located in Charlotte, NC has joined the Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) family of clients.

Preferred Health Plan of the Carolinas (PHPC) stands out in this complex world of health care administrators by bringing together all of the essential elements needed for an effective self-funded health plan – experience, technological expertise, excellent service, and the ease of administration.

PHPC is passionate about creating and implementing innovative health care solutions.

Each component of the PHPC portfolio – from their Third Party Administration to their partnerships with PPO Networks, Pharmacy Benefit Management companies and Medical Management Programs – can help control healthcare costs, enhance the quality and improve the efficiency of health coverage.

Preferred Health Plans of the Carolinas can now take advantage of VBA’s Flexibility, Functionality, and Technology to create much new efficiency. By using features like our process automation tool, hyperlink navigation, and offline auto-adjudication, VBA clients have experienced a reduction in variable overhead of over 50%!

FREE monthly updates and the flexibility of user–definable fields will allow Preferred Health Plans of the Carolinas to easily adjust to any market changes they may encounter. VBA’s software platform, which has been built with an eye on the future and is ICD 10 compliant, meets Preferred Health Plans of the Carolinas’ current needs and anticipated future needs.

You can now efficiently administer Life and Disability, Medical, Dental, FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Vision and Medicaid/Medicare lines of business on one software system with VBA. For more information on VBA, visit our WEBSITE at or call me directly at 262-946-1210 or send me an email at

Virtual Benefits Administrator
Thomas W. Witter

P.S. For more information about Preferred Health Plan of the Carolinas, see their website at

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