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VBA Software March 2014 Release Notes

  • Account Type is now a required field on non-Credit-Card accounts. This is a new requirement and all new accounts created will have to have an Account Type.
  • Added the Rate Change Wizard. This wizard is designed to ease the maintenance of premium rate settings and payees. Changes made to template rates will also be applied to rates created from them.
    • Rate Change Options – This step allows you to select the options for modifying premium rates.
Rate Options
  • No Change – No changes to rate settings will be made and the Rate Settings step is skipped.
  • Update Existing – Selected rates will have their rate settings updated by the selection made on the Rate Settings step.
  • Create New – Selected rates will be termed on the Term Date Existing and new rates will be created from them using the Effective Date New, Term Date New, and Rate Settings.
Payee Options
  • No Change – No changes to payees will be made and the Rate Payee step is skipped.
  • Create New – All payees will be removed from the selected rates and the payees entered on the Rate Payee step will be added.
  • Add – Existing Payees on the selected rates will remain and the payees entered on the Rate Payee step will be added.
    • Rate Select – This step allows you to select the rates to which changes will apply. The rates populated will be determined by the area in Premium Rates from which the Wizard was opened.
    • Rate Settings – This step allows you to choose the rate settings to apply to the selected premium rates.
    • Rate Payees – This step allows you to select payees to apply to the selected premium rates.
    • Finish Rate Change – This step summarizes the changes that will be made.
  • Added the ability to Select All and Deselect All groups displayed on the Group Select step of the Calculate Distribution Wizard. This functionality is consistent with other screens that allow users to select many records.
  • The Case Add Wizard now generates a 10 digit random Case ID on the Case Options step.
  • Added the ability to view cases from the Enrollment screen.
  • On the Group Self-Admin records, added a flag to designate the record as active and changed Generate Invoices to only create invoices for active records.
  • Added a number of new logging entries. This will help VBA identify issues more quickly when process automation encounters errors.
  • Expanded ACH logic to include non-individual invoices. Divisions with an ID Code of ACH_GRPDIVACTKEY with a valid Funding Account Key as an ID Code Value will display when ACH is Yes or Both.
  • Added HIPAA Relationships, HIPAA Adjustment Codes, HIPAA Plan Types, and HIPAA Tiers as configuration items under System Configuration. These items are view only.
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