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VBA Software September 2014 Release Notes

  • Added correspondence tracking to the Authorization. When printing letters/reports for authorizations you can now identify that letter/report as trackable and have it show up under the authorization for review.
  • Previously users had the ability to set up weekly premium rates based on the # of Fridays. Now users have the ability to set up weekly premium rates based on the other days of the week and for the invoices to reflect the number of weeks based on the day selected.
  • Users with View Access are no longer able to open the Apply Payments screen from the Invoice update screen or Clear Applied payments. The Add and Delete options on the popup menus of the Header Adjustments and Invoice Payments tabs as well as the Adjust option on the popup menu of Invoice Details section will be greyed out for these users.
  • Case Assignment now considers a Care Manager’s assignable Care Plans and Care Types when assigning cases.
  • The Configuration items, Case Index, Category, Default Action and Message Type have been changed to not allow modifications to the list as they are provided by Context 4 Healthcare and should not be changed.
  • Added the Delete List functionality to the Claim Batches update screen. This screen shows all claims within the current batch and allows the user to select and delete those claims.
  • Added Recalc WP process to the Claim Disability update screen. This process allows the user to change the Last Day Worked, Attended Physician, and Disabled By Physician dates and create new claims based on the new Disability Date and Exhaust Date.
  • Added a new Disability tab to the SPD Matrix. This screen displays information specific to disability. Selecting a benefit under a disability plan will display setup and tax information from the group configuration as well as plan details.
  • Added the ability to round volumes based on the percentage of initial volume. Options include Round To, Round Up, and Round Down with precisions of .01, .1, 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 1000,000, and 1,000,000 (Image 2).
  • Added License # to Provider Maintenance.
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the layout of Provider Maintenance which included moving some fields around so that the most important fields were more prevalent.
  • Added Grievance Admin Change Type Configuration, Grievance Issue Type Configuration, Grievance Resolution Type Configuration, Grievance Status Configuration to the Security Object List allowing users to customize access to these configuration items.
  • Made a small change to the selection of Fee Schedules during pricing. Previous logic would pull the most effective value regardless of match strength even if a stronger, older match was available. This selection now pulls the strongest matches first and only pulls a newer match if that match is of equal strength.
  • Completed the process automation trigger for processing claims. This will allow the creation of process automation steps that happen when a claim is processed from batch similar to the process automation step for paid claims.
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