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VBA Software October 2014 Release Notes

  • Added the Export Type field to the Check update screen. This allows the user to see how a payment was made.
  • Added the Ignore Age option to the Age Settings for the Procedure/Age Restrictions detail screen of a Plan. This is for consistency as the Diagnosis/Age Restrictions detail screen also has this option.
  • Procedure/Age Restrictions is now sorted by the From Procedure column. Previously, the records appeared in the order in which they were entered and required the person reviewing these restrictions to search line by line for a specific code.
  • Generate Invoices will now allow adjustment only billing. Some clients setup a monthly minimum charge. When there is no activity in a month, they charge the monthly minimum fee which is set up as an adjustment.
  • Added the Regenerate Invoice option to the Invoice update screen. This allows the accurate recalculation of premiums based on the current rates. This process will delete all relevant records as this deletes the existing invoice and creates a new invoice with the old invoice number.
  • Added a check to the Current Illness/Injury Date for future dates. Any date after the current date will result in a header error when adjudicated.
  • The Enrollment Disenroll Wizard will now display COBRA rates that are valid as of the Disenroll Date entered on the Disenroll Option step.
  • Added Gateway User Maintenance to VBAGateway Services. This allows the administrator to update an email address or activate/deactivate a user who has registered with Gateway. This should allow for easier support for the administrator as it relates to registration.
  • Added Gateway Announcement Maintenance to VBAGateway Services. This new services area will allow the administrator to add announcements to Gateway. Newly added announcements in this area will always be an administrator announcement and will reflect as such on the Gateway site. However, existing announcements by the Employer or by VBA can be modified here if needed.
  • Added the ID Code option under Group Network to allow for custom field options to be added at this level.
  • Added logic to the Series Process update screen to prevent the Series Template filter from becoming a ‘?’ when the Process Automation Argument Filter is blank.
  • Users now have the ability to delete Reinsurance Transaction Reimbursements from the Reinsurance Transaction update screen.
  • Added From Procedure, Thru Procedure, Effective Date, and Term Date to the Amount Limits section of the Users update screen (Image 4). Users can have different check limits based on type of claim being processed. Being able to set these at the user level creates the same experience by the user for identifying claims that are over the users check limit.
  • Created a new claim rule that will allow claims to pass through adjudication without adding the ex-codes normally added by adjudication. This will allow claims loaded from an encounter file to be stored in VBA as the vendor as the vendor intended.
  • Modified the adjudication process to recognize the ID Code “NONPPO” if defined at the newly added Group Network level. This will function in a similar fashion to the existing ID Code option on the Network which happens at a more global level. Networks flagged with this ID Code, whether at the Network or at the Group Network, will process as out of network regardless of what network assignment is determined by adjudication. Claims that hold a repriced network value or that have been repriced will continue to hold that reprice information and will simply process as out of network.
  • The EDI database has been updated to allow for 60 character Payer Names in order to be able to load files from Providers who’s Payer Name exceeds 35 characters.
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