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VBA Gateway Web Portal January 2015 Release Notes

  • Member Terminal has gone mobile! The mobile version of the Member Terminal has been completely updated with features and functionality similar to a native mobile app.
    • o Mobile Member Terminal includes a footer menu for common tasks. The footer menu is always visible.
    • o Mobile Member Terminal includes a side “drawer” menu for Announcements, Requests, Accumulator, and Claims views. The side menu is accessed by clicking the “drawer” icon in the top left of the screen.
    • o Each of the primary information screens (Announcements, Requests, Accumulator, and Claims) have been redesigned for better viewing on mobile devices. Mobile Member Terminal employs a master-detail setup. Records with detail information have an arrow on their right.
    • o Clicking the arrow (or anywhere in the row) on any of these records will bring up the detail view. To get back to the master record, simply click the back arrow near the top left corner. This works for any master-detail record in Mobile Member Terminal.
    • o The Accumulator screen functions similarly to desktop Member Terminal, except each detail chart resides in a detail view. To view detail information, select a Member, Plan, and Period, then click the segment you wish to view for breakdown information.
    • o The Accumulator detail charts have been updated for better usability on mobile devices, including always-visible segment labels.
    • o The Claims screen has also been overhauled to make it easier to use on mobile devices.
  • The Claims screen functions the same as other master-detail views in Mobile Member Terminal.
  • Mobile Member Terminal was created from the ground up for mobile devices, providing performance enhancements under the hood. Mobile Member Terminal should be faster than ever!
  • No changes
  • The Messaging feature has been added to the Employer Terminal. To access Messaging, click the envelope icon near the top right corner
  • The Census and Claims PODs have been updated with legends, and larger graphs:
    • o Census and Claims information now live inside “accordion” controls – select which view you want to see and the information will be loaded into the POD. Now each view has more room to display its information!
    VBAGateway Global (All Terminals)
    • No changes

    VBA Software January 2015 Release Notes

    • Added new Age Types: ‘As of Enrollment Anniv’ and ‘As of Group Anniv’. This will determine the age based on the day the member was enrolled or the day the group was created respectively.
    • Added a new EDI Custom Values screen for tracking inbound file information for specific feeds. Currently this information is presented from the 3M import process and allows the viewing of results as well as the manual entry of additional custom results if needed by the client.
    • Added a new Scale Type Per option of “Anniversary” when defining a commission rate. Scale type includes Billed or Received totals per a specific timeframe. The new “Anniversary” option defines a scale for a year from the anniversary date defined by the “Range Start”. For example, when determining total Received by Anniversary with a Range Start of “Insured First Enrolled”, the received total will reset on the anniversary date of the date enrolled for the insured rather than on the 1st of the year.
    • Added new Scale Term Range Start values as well as relabeled existing Range Start values. The Term Range Start values affect the term range in the following manner:
      • o Insured First Enrolled – This range uses the Date Enrolled value for the Insured member as the determination of the range.
      • o Insured Plan Enrolled – This range uses the Enrollment Plan dates associated with the Insured to determine the range values.
      • o Group Enrolled – This range utilizes the Date Enrolled value defined on the Group to determine the range.
      • o Division Enrolled – This range utilizes the Date Enrolled value defined on the Division to determine the range.
    • Made a significant change to how scale ranges are utilized during the calculation of commissions. Previously, the scale values were used to place the commissions being paid into a specific band in total. This meant that as received/billed came in, there was potential for the commission to move from one rate band to the next without fully utilizing the previous scale. The calculation now fully satisfies each scale before moving to the next band to pay commission. This creates a more accurate calculation for commissions and closes a gap in total received when utilizing commission scales.
  • Added the ability to read Messages from the Messaging Center on VBAGateway. Users can subscriber to Messages (same place you would subscriber to Requests) and get notifications that a Message has been sent. Within the Messaging area you can respond as the administrator to any thread to communicate directly to the Member, Provider or Employer.
  • Added the ability to override configuration settings on Gateway. This functionality should not be trifled with as it can negatively impact Gateway. Only make modifications in this area if you have worked with VBA Support to validate the configuration options you want to change.
  • When defining Volumes you can now set them up to change on the anniversary date of the group or member enrollment.
  • For Timely Filing, you now have new Date Type options to use the Incurred Thru date or the Service Line Incurred Thru date to compare to the Received Date, Today, or End of Current Year. Added Tax ID as an identification factor so that a filing deadline can be created without having to load a file for each provider within the group.
  • VBA Control Panel
  • Added an option to the Financial Settings that allows the client to control which invoices are included when generating distributions. This option, “Distributions on Invoices After” allows the client to enter a date after which invoices are included when generating distributions. This will allow clients who started performing distributions in VBA after they had been doing the premium billing process in VBA to exclude historical invoices that have already had distributions generated through their previous, external process.
  • VBAdjudicate
  • Modified the Timely Filing claim rule to use the new Tax ID and Date Type options.
  • Created a claim rule that if used will allow a client to determine an ex code for claims with a revenue code of ‘0023’ but with no Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) code.
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