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VBA Software August 2015 Release Notes


  • Added the Benefit Rate detail screen to the Plan Benefit update screen. Users can define an amount or percentage of billed and their effective dates to be used during adjudication to determine benefits. If you use this functionality, you will need to test your EOB’s to ensure data is displaying as you would
  • Added InNet and OON to labels to the appropriate columns on the Co-Insurance Details and Co- Pay Details sections of the Benefit Place detail screen.


  • Added all Present On Admission and Diagnosis Codes to the Claim Form created on the Claim and Claims in Batch update screens .
  • Added a Log Errors section to the Cost Contain – Context4 detail screen of the Claim update This section displays errors returned from Context 4 Healthcare.


  • Added InNet and OON to labels to the appropriate columns on the Plan Benefit Place Details section of the SPD Matrix detail screen.


  • Payee Maintenance screen :
    • Increased size of Payee Name to 50
    • Increased the visible area and allowed the input to exceed the visible area of all City
  • Added the Current option checkbox to Provider Search.


  • Added the Not Covered column to the Member Loss (Include Reimburse) Reinsurance The Balance Due column will now calculate less this amount.


  • Added Claim Timeline security object.


  • Added logic to use the Plan Benefit Rate
  • Modified the Cost Contain logic to store the Batch ID for each Previously, the Batch ID returned from the Context 4 Healthcare service was only stored by Batch Number. When claims in a batch had different Plans with different settings, the service would error.
  • Added logic to set the Discharge Date on Institutional claims. The date will be the Statement Through Date, unless an Occurrence Code equals 42, in which case the date will be the Occurrence
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