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VBA Software March 2016 Release Notes


  • Adding a new claim from the Claim Batch Search screen will now use the Default Diagnostic Code Type to determine the Diagnostic Code Type. The Default Diagnostic Code Type setting was created for the Life and Disability Claim Creators when they automatically generate claims. Now manually created claims will also use this setting.


  • Added the Exclude Interest checkbox to the Member Beneficiary screen (Image 1). When interest is calculated during the Process Checks process, the system will check for any beneficiaries that are flagged to Exclude Interest and the interest for the other beneficiaries will be increased proportionally.


  • The Account Funding screen now has the option to Save As on the pop-up menu which allows the user to save the Account Funding data to a file type of their choosing.
  • Added the Note icon to the Payor update screen. This icon will appear when there are notes attached to the Payor.


  • The Disability Options screen has been redesigned to have an area for Group Options. This allowed the Disability Prorate Deduction and Disability Pay Thru Day fields to be moved from the Additional Group Settings screen and add a field named Default Process by Disability Date (Image 2).
  • Added Default Process by Disability Date to Disability Option. This option is used by the Disability Payment Creator to set the Process by Disability Date option on the Claim Batches it creates (Image 2).
  • Fixed an issue when searching by Group Name or Division Name on the Division Lookup screen. An invalid column name error was being returned.


  • Added Advanced Search to Process Automation Search with the following tables (Image 3):
    • ReportSeries
    • ReportSeriesStep
    • ReportSeriesStepArg


  • New report, Claims Benefit Utilization by Tax ID (Paid), shows Utilization by Benefit Code by the Tax ID of the Group or the Division (Image 4).
  • Added a “Save As” option for Formatted Excel (Image 6). This creates an excel document that closely mimics the visual output of the report. You can continue to use “Save As” to export to excel in the unformatted presentation. This option has a number of limitations:
    • Exports to an older version of Excel. Once opened you will need to save it to your current version of Excel.
    • Reports that include graphs of any kind are not supported.


  • Added the Single Refund Check Batch option to the Application Settings section of the Control Panel. This flag when unchecked forces a new Check Batch to be created when a refund is processed by adjudication instead of using a prior refund Check Batch (Image 5).


  • When moving a Refund claim from batch to processed, the Single Refund Check Batch option on the Control Panel will be used to determine whether a new Check Batch is created. The default value is checked and processes claims the same as before. Unchecking the option will create a new Check Batch each time a refund is processed.

Image 1 – Exclude Interest

Image 2 – Default Process by Disability date

Image 3 – Advanced Search

Image 4 – Claims Benefit Utilization by Tax ID (Paid)

Image 5 – Single Refund Check Batch

Image 6 – Formatted Excel

VBAGateway March 2016 Release Notes


  • No changes


  • The check number field in the Claims POD grid again displays check information when hovered over (Image 3).


  • The Check Number field has been added to the PHI enabled Claims POD. The PHI enabled Claims POD is displayed based on configuration settings – the default Claims POD does not show PHI.
  • Check Information now displays when hovering over the check number field in the PHI enabled Claims POD (Image 3). The PHI enabled Claims POD is displayed based on configuration settings – the default Claims POD does not show PHI.
  • Email Notifications are now available for Open Enrollment Confirmation. An email will be sent to notify the Member if their Open Enrollment Request is rejected via the Config > Confirm Screen.
  • A bug in the “Paid Claims by Claim Type” chart and grid on the Claims Insights Screen has been fixed. The bug was displaying claims that were not marked as Paid in the data set.


  • Email Notifications are now available for Open Enrollment. An email will be sent to notify the Employer if an Open Enrollment Request is completed by a Member via the Open Enrollment Terminal.

VBAGateway Global (All Terminals)

  • Data Grids can now be exported to Excel (Image 1).
    • To export a data grid, click the Excel icon in the POD footer, and your web browser will download the Excel file, and prompt you to save or open the file (Images 1 & 2).
  • Gateway can now send Email Notifications to Members and Administrators when Requests and other operations are complete. If you wish to configure Email Notifications for a specific area of Gateway, please contact support. By default, Email Notifications are only configured for Open Enrollment (see above).
  • Custom email templates are now supported in Gateway. If you would like to create a custom email template for the Notification Email (new in this release), or the Registration or Recovery Emails, please let us know, for more information. We plan to release an in-app template editor, in the future.
  • A display bug was fixed where some charts were loading incorrectly in Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • A bug that caused some EOB report links to generate incorrectly has been fixed.

Image 1 – Excel Export Button

Image 2 – Excel Export Download Prompt (Example – browsers may differ)

Image 3 – Claims POD Check Number Information

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