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VBA Software April 2016 Release Notes


  • New options when importing a payment file: (Image 1)
    • Create Invoice Payments
    • Apply Payments
    • Close Invoices
    • Only Close Satisfied Invoices
  • Added the ability to add multiple payments to an invoice at one time. (Image 2)


  • Added the Denied Partial column to the Claim Batches Search screen. (Image 3)
  • Added the EDI button to the Batch Claim Details section of the Batch Claim update screen for Professional, Institutional, and Pharmacy claim types. This button opens a popup screen with EDI Detail information for each Batch Claim Detail. This gives the user easier access to this information without having to open the EDI Details detail screen. (Image 4)


  • Commissions will now check all previous commissions for rates that are no longer valid for the invoice they were originally created for and create offsetting commissions.


  • Retro Adjustment logic updated to include previous changes to Generate Invoices. The differences were causing Retro Adjustments to suggest unnecessary adjustments.


  • Removed the “Formatted Excel” option from Report Viewer. This option was a third-party tool that was unsupported in many environments that are supported by VBA. There are no plans to provide this functionality in the future.
  • Added the option to post reports run in VBA to VBAGateway (Image 5). When sending a report to Gateway you select a few options that determine how that report is delivered to your VBAGateway environment (Image 6):
    • Document Type – This is a user-defined Type for the Document being uploaded.
    • Document Label – This is the Label that will display in the Documents area on VBAGateway.
    • User – This is the VBAGateway User who will receive the Document.

Image 1 – New Payment File Options

Image 2 – Select Multiple Payments

Image 3 – Denied Partial

Image 4 – EDI Details

Image 5 – Send to Gateway report Option

Image 6 – VBAGateway Report Options

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