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VBA Software June 2016 Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue with the Reallocate/Void/Hold funds wizard where it was not properly displaying the full Payor Name and Account Name.
  • Added the ability to Transfer Funds that have been Cleared. This option is different than reallocation in that a negative amount is placed in the source account and a positive transactions is placed in the destination account. This gives a true reflection of the transfer when dealing with funding accounts. (Image 4)
  • Added Patients Name to the Description on Check Detail Information.


  • Fixed an issue where specifying the Auth Max. Calc. as Occurrence was calculating the same as Visits. These two options are now clearly defined. Visits will calculate 1 per service date while Occurrence will calculate 1 per Current Illness Date. (Image 5)


  • Added the option to add Payees to Reoccurring Adjustments (Image 1). This will allow the automatic generation of distributions when invoices are generated.
  • Added PremRate Key field to the Rate Definition section of the Premium Rate screen.


  • Added the Use Original Rcvd Date option to the Claim Adjustment Wizard (Image 1). This allows interest calculations for Prompt Pay to accurately reflect adjustments.
  • Added navigation to Subscriber ID on Flex Claims update screen.
  • Added the File Name column to the Claim Batches search screen.


  • Added the Rate Split member detail screen (Image 1). This screen allows the user to define an amount or percentage to apply to rates to split the responsibility between the Group and the Subscriber. This will cause the Generate Invoices process to include the rate on the Group level invoice when the Division is defined as Subscriber level for invoices.
  • VIP members are now highlighted in blue on the Enrollment search screen.
  • Added Member First Name and Member Last Name to the Prior Accumulator lookup and search screens.


  • Reworded the Claim Funding Request email for additional clarity. The new email message includes all of the information from the original (prior release) email but adds some additional spacing as well as the inclusion of Company Name.


  • Fixed an issue where the Email field on the Division Information section of the Group update screen was not allowing input of characters past the visible area of the field.


  • Added the Family option to Specific Deductible. Generate Transactions creates reinsurance transactions at the subscriber level when Family is selected.


  • Added:
    • Check Register (Claim Detail with Vision/Flex)
    • Adjustment Detail by Rate Category
    • Claims Monthly Summary by Claim Type
    • Claims Paid per Plan Type by Group with Vision/Flex
    • Claims Summary Report
    • Reports can be run by double-clicking their label without having to open the pop-up menu.


    • Company Name on the VBA Control Panel has been increased in size to 60 characters.

    Image 1 – Rate Split

    Image 2 – Use Original Rcvd Date

    Image 3 – Payees on Recurring Adjustments

    Image 4 – Transfer Funds

    Image 5 – Auth Max. Calc. Update

VBAGateway June 2016 Release Notes


  • No changes


  • Dashes have been added to the phone and fax numbers on the Provider Information POD and Provider Card.


  • Waived Coverage would sometimes errantly return no records. This has been fixed and the Waived Coverage POD has been given a facelift for better readability (Image 1)
  • Fixed an issue where the Claims Lookup Search would not fit on the screen for mobile devices when the PHI Claims Search config setting was set to true.
  • Fixed an issue with the OE Document Upload POD where attempting to upload multiple documents one after another would upload all of the documents that were previously uploaded during that session. This POD will now only upload one document at a time.
  • Fixed an issue with the Upload Plan Docs POD where attempting to upload multiple documents one after another would upload all of the documents that were previously uploaded during that session. This POD will now only upload one document at a time.
  • Enrollment Period entry in the Enrollment Configuration>Plan Options POD has been updated.
    • Duplicate Period Start Dates can no longer be entered.
    • Period Start Date can no longer be edited.


    • The “http://” prefix has been removed from links in the Links POD. This means that links should be configured with http or https through the Employer terminal (Open Enrollment Configuration), if so desired. Links will usually work without specifying http or https, however.
    • Added a “plus” icon to the new record buttons on the Add Dependents and Add Other Insurance steps of the Open Enrollment Wizard. This will make the buttons easier to recognize.
    • Updated the Add Coverage plans for better readability – especially for long Plan Labels, Group Names, etc. (Image 5)
    • Fixed an issue where Documents would open in the same tab as the Gateway site. Open Enrollment Documents will now open in their own tabs.
    • Fixed an issue where the Documents and Link PODs would occasionally fail to load.
    • Fixed an issue where Documents were sometimes linking to the incorrect path. Documents should now load correctly at all times.

    VBAGateway Global (All Terminals)

    • The fly-out Profile Card POD was not hiding the Messaging POD when extended. This has been resolved, and both PODs will hide the other if they are extended.
    • The Information PODs and Cards will now display “No Information Available” messages when the data returned for a field is empty. This makes it clearer when no data is available for display in this POD or Card, and also fixes cases when “null” would be displayed (Image 2).
    • The Family Details PODs have had a graphical update for better readability and icons have been added for the gender field (Image 3).
    • Fixed an issue where the Mobile Messaging Screen would sometimes not load the Employer and Provider Terminals.
    • Fixed an issue where menu items that had been configured as hidden would show. Menu items should now always be hidden if configured to do so.
    • Fixed an issue with hiding Professional and Institutional Claims menu items. Both Claims menu items can now we hidden separately.

    Image 1 – Waived Coverage

    Image 2 – Information POD with missing data messages

    Image 3 – Family Information POD

    Image 4 – Add Coverage

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