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VBA Software August 2016 Release Notes


  • Added the ability to define a Benefit Level of “Exact Modifier”. This new Benefit Level will look for precisely the Modifiers entered with no wildcard entries or additional modifiers on the claim (Image 8).
  • Under Benefit Ex Codes within Diagnosis Ex Codes and Procedure Ex Codes, added the ability to have a range of diagnosis codes and a range of procedure codes instead of having to list them separately (Image 5).


  • Fixed a visual issue on the Premium Rates screen where a grey box would float over information on certain resolutions.
  • Added a new Age Type for Premium Rate definitions of “As of 1st of Month”. This new Age Type will calculate the age of the Subscriber as of the 1st of the Month selected in the “Month” field that appears when this Age Type is selected (Image 9).
  • Added the ability to assign a custom “Expense Type” to a distribution record. This is an information field used for custom reports (Image 11).
  • Added “Expense Type” configuration to Billing Services (Image 10).
  • Added Rate Copy Wizard. You can choose to change or keep the existing values for Plan, Rate Category, Rate Basis, Group, and Division. Saves time when building rates for groups that offer the same benefits. More efficient way of building age rated rates and allows for a faster turnaround time during renewal periods (Image 6).


  • Added an option to transfer funds at a global level and independent of a receipt. This process will still create a negative amount on the source account and a positive amount in the destination account but is not be bound to an original receipt. This new process creates additional flexibility to the funds transfer process (Image 12).


  • Added an edit to “Network Maintenance” to prevent the Network ID from being modified after being saved. This creates consistency across other maintenance areas to prevent key values from being modified.


  • Added the ability to track aggregate tier factors by plan. Plan ID is now included in the Contract Factors section of Reinsurance Contracts. Existing Contract Factors will have an empty Plan ID and process as normal (Image 7).


  • Added ability to edit and delete notes based on User Security. Created a new window to setup what Note Types the user is able to Edit, user can either update their own notes or all notes based on Note Type. When Note Type is blank, the user can update all notes at the access selected (Image 1) (Image 2) (Image 3) (Image 4).


  • Created an adjudication rule for COB based on the primary/secondary flag of other insurance in the member record. The combination of Claim Type and Plan Type on the claim being adjudicated, against the Plan Type defined on the Member Insurance record will drive a userdefined explanation code. This rule is optional and requires some custom setup by VBA. If you are interested in adding this edit to your processing, please contact the help desk.

Image 1 – Note Access window on User Update

Image 2 – Note Access configuration option under User Configuration

Image 3 – Note Access configuration window under User Configuration

Image 4 – New Update and Delete actions in Note Review and Maintenance

Image 5 – New Thru option for Diagnostic and Procedure Codes

Image 6 – Rate Copy Options

Image 7 – Added Plan ID to Contract Factors

Image 8 – Benefit Level: Exact Modifier

Image 9 – Age Type: As of 1st of Month

Image 10 – Expense Type Configuration

Image 11 – Expense Type Entry on Distribution

Image 12 – Transfer Funds (Global)

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