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VBASoftware September 2016 Release Notes


  • Modified the Funding Transfer process to allow the creation of a physical check rather than applying those funds directly to the destination account. This gives additional flexibility in the transfer process while maintaining original transfer functionality (Image 5).
  • Updated the Checks Detail information to include the Expense Type Description on Manual Distributions if an Expense Type was selected during Distributions.
  • Added the ability to Undo a Funding Request. This option puts all claims back into Ready for Funding status and deletes the Request (Image 1).


  • Added the ability to manually enter in a partial refund amount on an Invoice during the Refund process. A user cannot enter in more money than the actual premium amount. If multiple refunds are entered, the total manually entered refund amount cannot exceed the actual premium amount (Image 2).


  • Removed the ability to fully Override a claim. This functionality was a holdover from the original design of VBA and no longer serves a purpose.


  • Fixed issue with the treeview on the enrollment screen sometimes displaying enrollments incorrectly in the case of separate member enrollments.
  • Added HIPAA Code field to the Disenroll Reason window (Image 4).


  • Modified the Invoice Search Criteria to include additional options:
    • Create Date – this will filter the results by the date the Invoice was generated.
    • Create User – this will filter the list by the user that generated the Invoice.
    • Billing Cycle – this will filter the list by the Billing Cycle on the Invoice.


  • Added a sort option to many selection screens. (Image 3).

Image 1 – Undo Option

Image 2 – Partial Refunds

Image 3 – Sort Option

Image 4 – HIPAA Code

Image 5 – Funding Transfer to Check

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