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VBA Software February 2017 Release Notes


  • Added the ability to add deductions to life claims.
  • Added the ability to perform Real-Teme Provider matching utilizing the BaseLoad SureHitLite process through adjudication. When a claim has no provider assigned, the service will attempt to find one based on the other information present in the claim. Please contact VBA to learn more about our partnership with BaseLoad or to have your environment configured to leverage this new feature!


  • Modified the Calculate Commissions process to use the Commission Lookback in Months option from the Additional/COBRA Settings detail screen for a Group (Image 1). This indicates the number of months the commission process will lookback at terminated rates when performing commission calculations.


  • Added the ability to Delete a Member. Under Enrollment Services  Enrollments, you can now Right-Click > Delete a Member that has been previously entered (Image 3). You cannot delete a Member identified as the Insured or any Member who has the following information created: Claims, Invoices, Care Management or Reinsurance. All other information bound to the Member will be automatically deleted when the Member is deleted.


  • Added the option to Apply Plan ID Codes within the Group Contract Add Wizard. This will allow for efficiency to include updates/changes and avoid missing the updating of critical ID Codes that are used for imports/exports (Image 2).


  • Modified the “Add Subscriber Enrollment” trigger with the following rules:
    • Medical, Dental, Vision and Flex plan types will work in tandem when determining whether a trigger has previously been fired. This means that if the Add Enrollment trigger fired for Medical it will not also fire for Dental when Medical was already sent.
    • When a Tier change is made that limits the coverage in the family, the Process Automation trigger will not fire. For example, changing coverage from Family to Employee Only will not fire the trigger.
    • Changing Tier that results in covering the Spouse when previously the Spouse was not covered will result in a new trigger being fired.
    • Removed “Plan Start” from the Process Automation tracking. This was causing many duplicate Process Automation Series on enrollments that were simply going through a contract change, division change or tier change.

Image 1 – Commission Lookback in Months

Image 2 – Apply Plan ID Codes

Image 3 – Delete Member

VBAGateway February 2017 Release Notes


  • Date of Birth has been added to the Family Details POD.


  • No changes


  • A new Plan Settings Configuration page has been added under Config>Plan Settings. (Image 3)
    • To use this Screen, click on the Plan you would like to configure inside the “Select a Plan” POD.
    • Clicking on a Plan in the “Select a Plan” POD will load the two other PODs: Plan Options and Plan Labels.
      1. Plan Options:
        • Upload or Delete a Plan Document:
          • When there is a Plan Document Uploaded, a link will appear with the Plan ID and Plan Name. If there is no document uploaded, a message will appear that says “Please Upload a Plan Document.”
          • To Upload a Document, click the “Upload” button and browse to the PDF you would like to upload.
          • To Delete a Document, simply click the “Delete” button.
        • Hide Plan on Coverage Selection:
          • This checkbox will hide the selected Plan from the “Add Coverage” step (Step 3) of the Open Enrollment/Add Employee Wizards. To hide a Plan, check this checkbox and click “Update Plan Options.”
        • Hide In/Out of Network Tabs on Coverage Selection:
          • This checkbox will hide the “In Network” and “Out of Network” tabs for this Plan on the Plan Card of the “Add Coverage” step (Step 3) of the Open Enrollment/Add Employee Wizards, and replace them with a single tab that says “Plan Details.” When this checkbox is selected all Plan Labels entered for this Plan will appear under this tab whether they are marked “In Network” or “Out of Network.” To select this option, check the checkbox and click “Update Plan Options.”
          • See (Image 4) for comparison between selecting this option and not selecting this option.
        • If you have questions regarding utilizing Plan Options, please contact the Help Desk.
      2. Plan Labels:
        • Use the Plan Labels POD to add labels to the Plan Card that appears on the “Add Coverage” step (Step 3) of the Open Enrollment/Add Employee Wizards. Plan Labels are free form key/value pairs that can be used to describe the highlights of a Plan to a user during coverage selection. (Image 1)
        • Users can set a Plan Label to appear on the “In Network” tab or the “Out of Network” tab by selecting “Yes” – for “In Network”, or “No” – for “Out of Network.” (Image 5)
        • If you have questions regarding utilizing Plan Labels, please contact the Help Desk.
  • The Census Screen has been updated!
    • The Employee Lookup List has been moved to a Lookup Modal. To perform a lookup, click the Search icon in the top right of the Screen. This will display the Lookup Modal.
      1. The Employee Lookup List is now filterable/searchable. To search, enter search criteria in one of the search fields and then press enter. This will narrow the results based on your search.
      2. To change the filter/search options (such as changing your search to “Starts With” instead of “Is Equal To”), click the filter icon next to the search box.
      3. To cancel the search filter and show all results again, click the “X” icon.
    • The Census PODs now have more screen real estate and will display more data.
    • The Family Details POD now matches the Member Terminal’s version, including the added Date of Birth field.
    • The Employee Information POD now matches the Member Terminal’s version.
    • The Census Accumulators have been updated to function similarly to the Member Terminal’s Accumulators POD. Users must select a Plan Type and an Accumulator Period to view the Accumulator data.
  • Fixed an issue in the HTML Editor on the Enrollment Configuration > Division Settings Screen where highlighted text was unreadable. The highlighted text will now display with white font on top of a dark background.
  • Fixed an issue in the HTML Editor on the Enrollment Configuration > Division Settings Screen where lengthy text caused graphical issues. The Editor can now manage HTML content of any length.
  • The Config>Confirmation screen data grids will no longer display “null” when there is no data for a field.


  • The Coverage Cards on Step 3 of the Open Enrollment Wizard have been improved! (Image 1)
    • All cards are now a standard height and will display with no issue no matter how many plans are displayed.
    • Help text now exists on each card explaining to the user the status of that plan – when it has been selected, when it has not been selected (and how to select it), or when the plan has been selected because it is non-elective.
    • The Plan Labels section of the card now scrolls to accommodate lengthy or many Plan Labels.
  • The Review/Confirm Enrollment Page (Step 5 of the Open Enrollment Wizard) has been updated. This Screen now includes the information added with the Wizard so the User can verify the information before submitting the enrollment request. (Image 2)
  • The “Waive Coverage Reason” field is now Required when waiving coverage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Home menu item would not take the user to the Home page of the Open Enrollment Terminal. The button will now take the user to the Home page.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Back button on Step 2 of the Open Enrollment Wizard would cause Step 1 to create a duplicate enrollment entry when Step 1 is submitted.
  • Fixed an issue with the Confirm Screen where the data grids were limited to showing a maximum of 5 rows. These grids will now show all applicable rows.
  • The Confirm screen data grids will no longer display “null” when there is no data for a field.
  • The Step Indicator Bar now hides when the screen width is too small to display it entirely.


  • The Help text for all PODs have been updated, and a few typos have been fixed.

Image 1 – Open Enrollment Coverage Cards

Image 2 – Open Enrollment Confirmation Screen

Image 3 – Plan Settings Screen

Image 4 – Plan Card Tabs

Image 5 – Plan Label Entry

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