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J.P. Farley Corporation
  • Business Challenge: Outdated claims system with limited functionality was not capable of handling the requirements of a large new client.
  • Technical Challenge: Limited configuration and costly customizations led to an inflated internal IT support staff.
  • Solution: VBA cloud-based administration software paired with VBA Business and IT Services.
  • Benefits: Utilizing the flexibility, functionality and technology available with VBA, the client was able to benefit in a number of ways:
    • Implemented a large new client on the VBA platform within 90 days.
    • Modern, user-friendly, cloud-based solution that provided vastly superior customer service and staff effectiveness.
    • Easy to use solution that allowed for accelerated training and expertise for new employees.
    • Ability to comply with state CMS filing and encounter reporting.
    • Leverage VBA backroom services to facilitate new technical requirements.
  • Timeline: VBA was tasked with bringing a new client live within 90 days.

The TPA landscape is changing every day. Our company could no longer afford to be limited in scope by the software we were using and the amount of IT resources we could throw at a problem. With VBA we were given a software package that not only met our functional and technical requirements, but VBA IT Services also allowed us to reconfigure our own internal IT resources into experts on business data. The combination has made us highly scalable and more capable of handling market demands.

Jim Farley President and CEO, J.P. Farley

J.P. Farley Case Study

J.P. Farley Corporation leaps into the modern age and lands a large new client utilizing the highly scalable, cloud-based solution, VBA.

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