Leverage the VBA commission module to accurately pay agents based on premium billing

VBA Software Premium Billing Module
Reimburse agents accurately and on time

Utilize the VBA commission module to simplify the agent/agency payment process. The VBA commission module has the ability to generate commissions based on PEPM, PMPM, percent of premiums billed or percent of premiums received as defined at the Group, Division or Plan level. VBA has the flexibility to pay commissions to any number of agents as well as the ability to set the percentage split on commissions paid by user defined entries. Each split can be tiered such that any payment hierarchy can be accommodated. You can define any number of agents per agency or independent agents and provide specific information such as EO Coverage Name, EO Coverage level and much more.

Here’s how VBA Software + Services can help you:

VBA Software – Commissions

  • Individual business processing allows for agents to be assigned directly to the member when paying commissions
  • Maintain any number of agencies and representatives in a mutually exclusive setup. Have a representative assigned to multiple agencies without recreating that representative for each instance.
  • Specify rates by scale for total billed or received annually or lifetime as well as by term range determined by the amount of time a representative has been responsible for the selected plan.
  • Standard commission reporting included for census summary, earnings detail, earnings summary and more.

VBA Services – Commissions

  • Dedicated subject matter experts with years of commission processing experience will help you every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive training program tailored to your needs providing assurance you will become a VBA Software expert.
  • VBA Business Services will help you develop a rating structure that meets your requirements.
  • VBA IT Services can help transmit electronic payment information in cases where a physical check is not required.

About VBA Software

Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) is a pro-active, leading edge software design company providing custom solutions to the insurance industry for nearly 20 years. Uniquely delivered on a secure, cloud-based architecture, VBA provides one-common-architecture for all Employee Benefit Administration. Our software development process focuses on continuous improvement to address the requirements in the ever changing healthcare industry. This empowers our clients to focus on business strategy and growth while streamlining their operations. We bring over 150 years of combined experience in the design, development, and implementation of revolutionary solutions for a variety of clients covering a wide array of insurance offerings. Contact VBA now and request a live demo to learn more!

Now, you can perform all of your benefit administration in a single, easy-to-use application, accessible anywhere, anytime. With VBA software, you will eliminate the need for multiple software applications and multiple fees along with eliminating the cost and risk of combining and coordinating redundant member information. VBA is a flexible, cost effective solution for all aspects of claims administration and benefit management. Our software is designed to empower you with as much flexibility as possible with maximum functionality. VBA’s, open architecture and technology allow our engineers to create modifications and enhancements you might want to specifically fit your organization’s unique requirements, quickly and cost efficiently, thereby minimizing your cost.

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