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TitleAccounting Services – VBA includes a feature-rich accounting module allowing you to perform all the necessary financial functions of a health plan administrator. VBA gives you everything you need to easily carry a claim through the entire funding process from requesting funds through cutting checks. Claims can be heavy, let VBA be your software forklift.  Learn more →

TitleAuthorization Services – Utilizing the VBA Authorization Module you can rest easy knowing that you have a robust claims management and prior authorization process. VBA authorization information it tightly coupled with adjudication which allows for automatic assignment and satisfaction of approved authorizations.  Learn more →

TitleBenefit Services – Plan and Benefit design is the very heart of administration. With VBA you are given a highly flexible and dynamic application for plan and benefit construction. Using VBA you can control every aspect of claims payment and auto-adjudication.  Learn more →

TitleBilling Services – Premium billing can be a cumbersome and maddening aspect of administration. Not so with VBA! VBA provides you with configurable settings for rates that can be assigned dynamically, individually or in mass, across your entire business. This flexibility makes the management of client billing a breeze.  Learn more →

TitleCall Tracking Services – Customer Service is a critical component to any administrative software package. With VBA you are given full call tracking, notes and document management capabilities. These functions paired with easy navigation to key data in the application allow your CSRs to be exceedingly productive and effective.  Learn more →

TitleCapitation Services – Using our capitation module you can allow a physician, hospital, or other health care provider to be paid a contracted rate based on a defined assignment. This assignment is fully configurable on a PEPM or PMPM basis adjusted for age, gender, illness, and/or regional differences. Capitation is like the jealous little brother of Fee for Service. It is OK little Capitation Module, it will be OK.  Learn more →

TitleCare Management Services – Once upon a time VBA had a sister company that was an HMO. This relationship gave us the insight to develop a complex and all-inclusive care management module. Maintain care managers and care units responsible for user configurable care plans with no limitation on design. Help your members stay healthy and live happily ever after.  Learn more →

TitleClaim Services – With VBA you are given a claims platform that handles a wide variety of claim types. You can administer Medical, Dental, Vision, HSA, HRA, Flex, Disability and Life, seamlessly, in one easy to use platform. In addition, there is a full Suspense Module and Audit Module for additional claims managements.  Learn more →

TitleCommission Services – Make sure you keep those Agents happy with the VBA commission module. Define rates as received, billed, PEPM or PMPM on a user defined payment cycle. The commission module also allows for a number or unique rate structures by scale, term range, volume or demographic information.  Learn more →

TitleCredentialing Services – You can never be too careful with those doctors. Best to just make sure they meet all the necessary requirements. Use VBA to track all essential credentialing information including quality, attestation, licensing and documentation. Feel comfortable knowing that all your historical information is stored for audit.  Learn more →

TitleEnrollment Services – Being able to administer all lines of business on a single platform means you need to have an enrollment area capable of tracking a wide array of setup options. Enroll members in any number of customized plan and tier combinations while maintaining extensive details for accumulators, disability, bank accounts, invoices and much more.  Learn more →

TitleEvent Services – Why should you be responsible for remembering everything? Let the VBA Event Services Module do that for you! With the Event Services Module you can create any event and have it automatically remind you on any schedule. The Event Services Module is also leveraged by many components within VBA allowing for a single repository of event and task information.  Learn more →

TitleFee Schedule Services – The only thing worse than taking a call from an angry member is taking a call from a doctor who wasn’t paid correctly. Use VBA to define any number of fee schedules and pricing structures and have them assigned, by network and effective date, to any number of provider records.  Learn more →

TitleGrievance Services – Sometimes you just need to voice your issues with a doctor. Sure, she saved your life, but the hospital bed was crazy uncomfortable. With the VBA Grievance module you can track all aspects of a grievance along with any associated notes, unique codes and documentation.  Learn more →

TitleGroup Services – Employer Groups are the organizational structure of all members held within VBA. VBA allows for a wide variety of setup options and configuration including plan, tier and network offerings along with any number of unique Divisions. If this were high school we might have Divisions for jocks, nerds and preps but chances are we have Active, Retiree, Hourly and Salaried Divisions.  Learn more →

TitleNotes Services – Tired of all that paper on your desk? You should be. Get all that information in a searchable, electronic format. The VBA Notes Module is dynamic and customizable and allows for unlimited tracking of notes and document information. Notes assigned through VBA will intelligently share reference information and with other notes for a single collection of documented information. VBA notes are creepy smart.  Learn more →

TitleProvider Services – A key component to an administrative application is the ability to manage and maintain provider information. With VBA Provider Services you can manage all provider data including demographic information, provider types, specialties and languages. Manage provider pricing as well for fee schedules, contracted rates, DRG, Per-Diems, etc.  Learn more →

TitleReinsurance Services – Why pay claims yourself when you can have someone else pay? VBA Reinsurance Services allows you to define contracts to the Group, Division or even Subscriber level along with any number of defined claim criteria. Lasered deductible, tier factors, aggregate specific members and reinsurance leveling for life claims allow you to handle any crazy contract your sales team comes up with.  Learn more →

TitleReport Services – A report module should do a lot more than just print reports. With VBA we include almost two hundred reports with fully exposed SQL that your report writers can use and customize in their favorite report writing tool. Save your reports as PDF or in a number of exportable formats such as XML, CSV, Text or HTML. Schedule reports or track letters for correspondence tracking using VBA Report Services.  Learn more →

TitleSecurity Services – Lock your software down like Fort Knox using VBA Security Services. The VBA Security Module allows you to secure every object and report in the application. Each object and report can be restricted to Admin, Update or View access through user defined security areas. Secure data within those objects and reports with data level security provided by VBA Security Services.  Learn more →

TitleSystem Services – No software would be complete without a bunch of settings you need to keep up with. The VBA Control Panel gives you control over all aspects of the VBA application in one central location. Manage your Explanation Codes, Auto-Adjudication Settings, Process Automation and much more using VBA System Services.  Learn more →

TitleUser Services – You can’t use a software system without Users. Manage typical user information such as passwords, password expiration, name and demographic information along with user logging and auditing. This logging process allows you to track when a user logs in or out of the system, when they went idle, what screens they visit and what information the user searched.  Learn more →

VBA has a very easy-to-use and flexible interface with numerous shortcuts and navigation options that have allowed us to streamline our training process. What we have learned is that VBA helps the user become an expert at what they do. This creates a more knowledgeable and productive employee who can be a better steward for our client.

Michelle Bounce Director of Operations, J.P. Farley

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