VBA New Client Update – Employee Benefit Systems

I am proud to announce that Employee Benefit Systems (EBS), which was established as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in 1984 in Burlington Iowa, is now a member of the Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) family of clients.

Employee Benefit Systems (EBS), established as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in 1984, prides itself on providing a full range of high-value insurance and administrative services to meet our customer’s needs.  EBS creates customized plans for your organization allowing for affordable benefits to your employees while controlling your costs and keeping your benefits running smoothly.

EBS has the capability to tap into the expertise and resources of our affiliated entities as needed to provide our customers with superior services at maximum value. EBS is a flexible, low-cost, high integrity, responsive firm eager to build a relationship with your organization while Helping Administer Your Success!

Because of the VBA Application’s features like process automation, hyperlink navigation, and offline auto-adjudication, EBS has gained a significant increase in efficiency!

They have also chosen the VBAGateway as their web portal. VBAGateway features the latest web technologies and architecture like SPA (Single Page Application), Responsive Design, Gamification, Intuitive Help, and POD (Personalized Object Data).

You can efficiently administer Life and Disability, Medical, Dental, FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Vision and Medicaid/Medicare lines of business on one software system with VBA.

For more information on VBA and VBAGateway, visit our website at http://vbasoftware.com or call me directly at 262-946-1210 or send me an email at twitter@vbasoftware.com.

Virtual Benefits Administrator
Thomas W. Witter

P.S. For more information about EBS, see their website at http://www.ebs-tpa.com

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