VBA Software April 2017 Release Notes


  • Copy Disability Claims will now queue all claims that are created so that using the navigation buttons will cycle through the new claims (Image 1).
  • Flex claims that are automatically created by the system will now link to the medical claim in the Referenced Claims screen.
  • Display the Pricing Method on Processed Claims. This data will be shown on the More Information screen (Image 4).
  • Hovering over the COB field on processed claims will now show the COB detail information including the Other Insurance Paid, Other Insurance Member Responsibility, COB Savings applied and COB Savings used (Image 5).
  • Claim Audits can now be scheduled using a defined Event. When entering your Claim Audit and defining your criteria and sample size, you will have to option to select a “Claim Audit Event” that will be used to fire this Audit on the defined schedule (Image 8).


  • Disenroll and Reenroll buttons are now disabled for users with View Access.


  • Searching Events can now be searched by the indicator defining that Event as a “Process Automation Event” or a “Claim Audit Event” (Image 6).
  • Events can now be defined as a “Claim Audit Event”. A “Claim Audit Event” is used when defining a Claim Audit that needs to be run on a schedule (Image 7).


  • New report, Census Summary Med/Den by Tier under Enrollment, that counts the member/dependents based on the Tier assignment or the Member Enrollment records (Image 3).


  • The Report List and Applied Report sections of the Security Area Maintenance screen are now sorted alphabetically (Image 2).

Image 1 – Copies will now queue for navigation

Image 2 – Report List sort

Image 3 – Census Summary Med/Den by Tier

Image 4 – Display Pricing Method on Processed Claims

Image 5 – COB Details on Processed Claims

Image 6 – Search Events by Process Automation or Claim Audit

Image 7 – Claim Audit Event

Image 8 – Automated Audit options

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