VBA Software May 2017 Release Notes


  • Added Group ID column to the results of the Finalized Invoices configuration item (Image 1).
  • Added Finalized column to the Invoice Search screen (Image 2).


  • Fixed an issue where questions would not properly sort after being moved up or down in the list.
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Case Values were not being transported over when a new Case was built from an existing Care Plan. These custom values will now properly display for edit on the Case when available.


  • Added the ability to add a note to all adjusted claims when using the Claim Adjustment Wizard (Image 3) (Image 4).
  • Ex Codes added during the Life Claim creator will now properly move to batch.


  • Improved functionality of the COBRA Premium Rate Selection screen of the Enrollment Disenroll Wizard (Image 5).
    • Added the Rate Category column.
    • Added the Sort and Filter options.
  • Added the 1st of Month After X Months option to the Waiting Period Type list box on the Enrollment Waiting Period Details screen (Image 6). This option will allow the Enrollment Wizard to determine the date of enrollment as the 1st of the month after the entered number of months.
  • Added the option to define custom Member Plan Years in the Member Detail section of the Enrollment Update screen (Image 7). Selecting Custom in the Member Plan Year list box will display a button that will open the
  • In the Enrollment Management window, the data is now sorted by Date, Plan ID with the latest Plan/Rider at the top of the list (Image 9).
  • In the Add Enrollment Wizard there are new entry options for E-mail, Suffix and Middle Initial (Image 10) (Image 11).
  • When adding an Enrollment Plan the application will now prevent the entry of a Start Date prior to the Members Date Enrolled or the Members Birth Date.
  • When prompted with Retro-Adjustments you can now apply the Adjustment Reason set on the first Adjustment to all Adjustments. Click the “Set Reason” button after you enter the Adjustment Reason on the first record and that Reason will be applied across all Retro-Adjustments being entered (Image 12).


  • Added the ability to drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer into the Note Attachment section of the Note Update screen.


  • Added Payee NPI column to the Provider Search screen (Image 8).

Image 1 – Added Group ID

Image 2 – Added Finalized to Invoice Search

Image 3 – Add Note option

Image 4 – Add Note screen

Image 5 – Added Rate category column and the Sort and Filter options.

Image 6 – Added the 1st of Month After X Months option.

Image 7 – Member Pan Year

Image 8 – Added Payee NPI

Image 9 – Enrollment Management sort

Image 10 & 11 – Add Enrollment Wizard Suffix, E-Mail and Middle Initial

Image 10 & 11 – Add Enrollment Wizard Suffix, E-Mail and Middle Initial

Image 12 – Set Adjustment Reason on All Adjustments

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