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VBAGateway is an administrative web portal using the latest web technologies.

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The VBAGateway Employer Terminal gives employer representatives a single, comprehensive location for information about their plan population. VBAGateway exposes detailed census and claims statistics that can be spliced and analyzed as the employer deems necessary. Representatives using VBAGateway are given a unique user experience allowing for rapid consumption of relevant data. Representatives can evaluate member engagement with the site as well review member participation within the plan. Member information is desensitized allowing the representative to review claims information in aggregate without the exposure of PHI. The complete experience makes for a truly powerful tool in plan management.

Here’s how VBAGateway Employer Terminal can help you:

Feature-Rich Software

TitleAnnouncements POD – This POD displays announcements that have been broadcast by different entities. An announcement can be broadcast from the administrator or from VBA. The employer representative is given a visual cue as to the source of the announcement along with the importance of the announcement. Representatives can view the details of an announcement by clicking on that announcement.

TitleRequests POD – This POD displays the requests that have been generated by the employer representative. Requests are sent, real-time, to the VBA application allowing the administrator to Accept or Reject the request. A user can make a number of requests including adding new members, requesting administrative reports or demographic changes to employer information.

TitleCensus POD – This POD gives statistical information about the employer population. This information can be filtered by Division or can be for all Divisions within the Group. Each chart breaks down a specific detail about the selected population, such as: counts by plan type, age breakdowns, gender breakdowns and historical enrollment totals.

TitleClaims POD – This POD details claim statistics for the employer population. This information can be filtered by Division and/or Paid Date. Each chart breaks down a specific detail about the selected claims, including: benefit utilization, claim counts by claim type, payment details and trigger diagnosis.

TitleClaim Information Tab – This tab includes detailed claims information. Each POD on this tab allows the employer representative to search based on a range of paid dates. This tab includes: paid claims turnaround, claims paid per member and an interactive grid of desensitized claims information.

TitleEmployee Information Tab – This tab includes details employee information. The employer representative can search for a specific employee using criteria such as name, ID or birth date. Selecting an employee will pull back detailed employee information including: family details, enrollment history, other insurance, PCP details, accumulator history, existing requests and badges earned. This allows the representative to quickly identify the employee engagement with VBAGateway as well as get an general idea of plan participation.

TitleConfiguration Tab – This tab includes a number of PODs that allow the employer representative to update information on VBAGateway. The Plan Documents POD allows the representative to upload a SPD that can be downloaded by the member on the Member Terminal. The Network Links POD allows the representative to set the link that is referenced on the member card on the Member Terminal for navigation to the network site. The Configuration POD, when configuration items are available for that employer group, allows the representative to customize the employer experience on the Employer Terminal or the member experience on the Member Terminal. The Announcements POD allows the representative to add or modify announcements that are viewed by members on the Member Terminal.

TitleEmployer Card – The employer card can be pulled down by selecting the profile option on the VBAGateway header band. The employer card displays the demographic information for the employer representative associated with this registered user. The employer card also displays the contact information for the associated group/division with the core system. The back of the card allows for profile management as well as listing divisions this user has access to.

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