VBAGateway March 2017 Release Notes


  • Member Accumulators will now show additional years even if there is no Claim data associated with that year.


  • No changes


  • Enrollment Periods can now be marked as “New Hire Only.” Enrollment Periods that are marked as “New Hire Only” will only be available for Registration. These Periods will not prompt Members that they are in an Open Enrollment Period. To set a Period as “New Hire Only,” use the Enrollment Settings Screen (Config>Enrollment) (Image 1).
  • Plan Options have been expanded (Config>Plan Settings) (Image 2).
    • Allow Flex Election Entry
      1. Flex Election Minimum
      2. Flex Election Maximum
    • Allow Life Volume Entry
      1. Life Volume Minimum
      2. Life Volume Maximum
      3. Life Volume Increment
        • The increment by which Life Volume increments in Open Enrollment.
  • Plan Description Override
    1. Text in this field will be used in Gateway instead of the traditional Plan Name. To use the traditional Plan Name, leave this field blank.
  • Hide on Employer Terminal
    1. Check this box to hide this Plan in Plan lists on the Employer Terminal. An example is the Census Employee Information POD.
  • Hide on Member Terminal
    1. Check this box to hide this Plan in Plan lists on the Member Terminal. An example is the Employee Information POD, and the Member Information Card.
  • Changed the “Paid” column header to “Payable” on the Employer Home Screen>Top 5 Benefit Category Utilization + Remaining POD to better describe the data in that column.


  • No changes


  • No changes

Image 1 – New Hire Only Option

Image 2 – Expanded Plan Options

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