VBAGateway Member Terminal

VBAGateway is an administrative web portal using the latest web technologies.

Dynamic contract structures and robust reporting keep carriers happy

The VBAGateway Member Terminal is the premier solution for Employee Self-Service. With real-time administrative processing and an intuitive, user-friendly design, you can be assured your members will stay engaged. The Member Terminal provides a number of core functions including Announcements, Requests, Accumulators and Claims. The combination of features available on VBAGateway allows a member to satisfy almost any administrative need without contacting the administrator directly. The result is a more engaged and informed member.

Here’s how VBAGateway Member Terminal can help you:

Feature-Rich Software

TitleAnnouncements POD – This POD displays announcements that have been broadcast by different entities. An announcement can be broadcast from the employer, the administrator or from VBA. The member is given a visual cue as to the source of the announcement along with the importance of the announcement. Members can view the details of an announcement by clicking on that announcement.

TitleRequests POD – This POD displays the requests that have been generated by the member. Requests are sent, real-time, to the VBA application allowing the administrator to Accept or Reject the request. A user can make a number of requests including address changes, enrollment updates, adding family members or requesting new ID Cards.

TitleAccumulator POD – This POD displays the current accumulator information based on the plans in which the member is enrolled. Accumulator information can be viewed by member, plan and accumulator period and includes the in/out of network totals for deductible and out of pocket. Hovering over the chart brings up a tooltip identifying the actual amounts used and remaining.

TitleClaims POD – This POD displays the claims that have been received for this member. The claims reside in various states of processing and that information is reported back to the member. The grid allows the member to sort the claim information as well as group claims without the need to requery the backend information. Expanding a claim allows the member to view the details of that claim including individual services along with billed, allowed, member responsibility, not covered and paid amounts. The member can also bring up the EOB sent by the administrator for any claim processed through the system.

TitleMember Card – The member card can be pulled down by selecting the profile option on the VBAGateway header band. The member card displays the demographic information for the member associated with this registered user. The member card also displays the plans and coverage levels for which this member has enrolled as well as any network associations. On the back of the Member Card, the member can manage their profile information as well as control what other registered members of the

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