The Modern Approach To Data Management

The many complexities of medical claims, provider records and reporting can make managing data a challenge. Provider data is constantly changing and as a result, demands continuous attention to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date. On average 30 to 40 percent of a payer’s provider records contain errors or missing information. This results in the need for manual intervention which can cost up to $6.00 per claim and $3.00 per phone call. These inefficiencies cost the healthcare system as much as $210 billion annually and result in significant consumer service neglect. Organizations need a modern approach to data management that brings together information from all sources efficiently, with easy-to-use software.

Grounded in a solid, 10-year partnership with proven results, VBA and BASELoad together provide your organization a cohesive data management solution

Through the real-time integration of BASELoad and VBASoftware, we deliver a 99% provider match rate, eliminating costly manual work and resulting in an average increase of 25% in auto-adjudication rates. In addition, BASELoad’s W-9 Corrections provide a medical provider data solution to healthcare payers, allowing them to easily and accurately file 1099s with the IRS.

What Can This Partnership Offer Your Business?

Provider Matching

Improves ongoing provider matching rates to 99%.

pie graph and computer with bar chart
Clean Up and Fulfillment

Cleans your medical provider data for better adjudication.

W-9/1099 Corrections

Avoids the cost of incorrect data submitted to the IRS.