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Protect Your Plan from Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Payers across the spectrum of benefits administration are being tasked with increasing quality of outcomes while at the same time reducing administrative cost. The ability to detect medical necessity along with fraud, waste and abuse in real-time and through advanced analytics becomes an ever-increasing necessity for all payers looking for a competitive edge. United in a strong partnership, VBASoftware and Context 4 Healthcare give the power back to the payer in the fight against FWA.

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Real-Time Integration

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Live FWA Edits
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Detect FWA during adjudication
Configuration for edits to pend or deny using millions of edit rules

Payment Integrity

Visibility into suspicious billing and treatment practices at the provider level
Pre-built analytics to identify provider aberrant utilization patterns within your entire health plan
User-driven data extracts to prepare information needed for case investigations