VBA partners with leading healthcare industry service providers to ensure your business has all the resources it needs to succeed.

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BASELoad helps healthcare payers radically reduce costs and improve process through services, tool and programs in matching, correcting and utilizing medical provider data. In addition, BASELoad helps with EDI adjudication, 1099 filings, market data and more. VBA and BASELoad have teamed up to offer unparalleled provider data matching and 1099 filing support through VBASoftware

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Context 4 Healthcare

For almost 30 years, Context 4 Healthcare has provided software and data products for healthcare compliance. Their solutions were developed to address the industry challenges currently faced by healthcare payers and providers. VBA has teamed up with Context 4 Healthcare to fight back against fraud, waste and abuse and to provide a reliable and consistent Reference-Based Pricing Solution.

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Drexi is a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that gives direct contract pricing with pharmacies and eliminates hidden fees from the process. VBA and Drexi developed VBARx, a pharmacy benefits management program that is fully integrated with VBASoftware, VBAGateway and VBAnalytics. VBARx offers honest, transparent pricing and removes the markups typically found in prescription negotiations.

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JMS and Associates

JMS and Associates provides professional, administrative and technical services to the healthcare community. Specializing in streamlining claim adjudication and auditing, call center management, data and system conversion, plan building, plan testing and more. Together, VBA and JMS provide business process automation services within VBASoftware to increase the efficiency of our client's teams.

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Reclaim Health is a healthcare financial wellness company focused on helping members manage the financial aspects of the full cycle of their healthcare - from plan selection to ongoing claims management and care planning. VBA teamed up with Reclaim to optimize the member experience in health benefits enrollment using data and analytics in an integration with VBAGateway and VBAMobile.

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Savvi Financial

Savvi Financial is an SEC-registered investment advisor that delivers tax-smart financial guidelines using deep quantative analysis to help customers achieve their financial objectives. SAVVI was founded by a team of MIT PhDs with a mission to democratize financial planning and advice. VBA and SAVVI came together to promote employee financial wellness alongside their physical wellness through VBAGateway.

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VBA Integration Partners

MagellanRx Management

Magellan Rx Management specializes in solving complex pharmacy challenges by leveraging their industry-leading expertise to move beyond the traditional volume-focused market and deliver true value-driven solutions that help people live healthy, vibrant lives.

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First Choice

Southern Scripts provides pharmacy benefit management services for self-funded employer group health plans - a unique PBM model with three core components: 100% Pass Through Pricing & Transparency, All‐Inclusive Administration Fees and Rebates.

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For almost 30 years Context 4 Healthcare has provided industry leading coding and UCR fee data. Their cloud based Payment Integrity, FWA and real-time Medicare pricing expand VBA customer value with leading edge innovation. Immediate, actionable and defensible results make sure your plan is always protected. Context 4 Healthcare: your innovation partner since 1988.

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Reliant Health Partners developed Fair Market Pricing to deliver maximum savings with minimum noise. No claim is too small or too large. Every line of every claim is personally reviewed by a team of healthcare reimbursement experts.

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