Reliable Business Process Automation

At VBA we are always pushing the envelope on automation and real-time processing. With VBASoftware Process Automation you are given extensive tools and features that allow for almost limitless business automation. Take mundane, repetitive and high volume tasks and hook them, dynamically to one of the many automation triggers defined in VBASoftware, allowing your administrative staff to focus on more complex tasks and client requirements.

Automate menial tasks with RPA

Process Automation

System-wide Robotic Process Automation

Custom Enhancements
  • VBASoftware Process Automation can be tailored to act on numerous triggers and perform a number of tasks, including: emails, report generation, letter/correspondence distribution, notifications and more
  • With VBAdjudicate and Claims Workflow, queue up any number of claims across any lines of business and have the review and processing done automatically by process automation
  • Tight integration between the core system and VBAGateway allows for real-time, automated completion of online enrollment requests, inquiries and data submission
  • Automated notifications and error resolution occur on every EDI transaction before any VBA operations staff member can triage an issue, creating highly responsive and accurate data integration