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Total Employee Wellness is Physical and Financial

25% of employees say financial worries have caused them health problems.*

Employees are increasingly becoming distracted at work by financial issues (debt, cash-flow management, retirement, education), resulting in employees missing work or becoming less productive with their time.

Help your employees with more than their physical health by adding SAVVI Financial to your benefit options. SAVVI, a leading technology-enabled financial wellness platform, allows employees to easily plan, manage and track their full financial picture through VBAGateway.

* PWC study conducted in February 2018 and surveyed 1,600 working U.S. adults aged 21 to 75.

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Providing Financial Wellness Answers Can:


Increase employee satisfaction, performance and overall retention

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Improve healthcare costs and absenteeism for your business

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Boost both employee physical and financial wellness

Easily add SAVVI to the VBAGateway member portal to give employees the education, guidance and resources they need to make smarter financial decisions to support their healthcare financial needs and more.

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  • Personalized advice feature is prescriptive, specific and actionable
  • Recommendations based on cutting edge artificial intelligence that make money go farther and increase spendable wealth faster
  • Comprehensive platform provides collection and organization of financial information, analysis, advice and on demand refresh of recommendations