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VBAnalytics saves you time by providing all reporting needs in one easy-to-use tool

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What Is Happening:

Quickly and easily identify trends and population level economic information that leverages powerful mapping and spatial analytics software.

Where It Is Happening:

Prebuilt analytics stories, which highlight meaningful information like claims utilization, risk indicators, operational efficiency and more.

Why It Is Happening:

View plan, provider and member scoring indicators that drive deep analysis of performance.

VBAnalytics Key Features and Functionality

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Four Stories
VBAnalytics is structured in four Stories which combine reports and dynamic visuals with real-time interactive dashboards.
  1. Utilization
    Paid claims utilization with insight into how the plans are performing and what is driving the spend through an intersection of data
  2. Census
    Deep dive enrollment analysis giving insights into performance and trends to help you manage your population
  3. Operations
    Day-to-day view of how the administrative team is performing; aging, turnaround times, group scoring, etc.
  4. Administration
    Details on how your suite of VBA tools are being utilized; EDI statistics, user activity, etc.

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VBAnalytics is both flexible and scalable while still being able to deliver reporting across multiple devices. With real-time interactive dashboards, users gain insight through four Stories focused on Utilization, Operations, Census and Administration data.

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VBAnalytics powered by Microsoft PowerBI, the preferred analytics software for the top Fortune 500 companies, and embedded with Esri Data - gives payers enhanced visibility into a population’s behavior and overall spend.