Limit Administrative Costs with Mobile Member Self-Service

Empower your members by allowing them to take control over various aspects of their healthcare with intuitive self-service mobile tools. VBAMobile, powered by VBAGateway, can help your organization give patients a seamless experience that can bolster satisfaction and increase utilization. Together, as part of the VBA family of administrative products or standalone as part of our VBAGateway offering, you will know your members have the best tools in the market for real-time administrative support.

Patient convenience through intuitive self-service tools

Member Self-Service Mobile App

Self-Service at Your Fingertips

VBAMobile Home Screen

VBAMobile Home screen summarizes a members latest activity and allows quick navigation to additional details.

  • Real-Time Communication
  • ID Card and Plan details
  • Most recent claims
  • Benefits Used/Remaining
VBAMobile Claims Screen

Detailed access to member claim information across all covered plans in a single, easy-to-navigate claims list.

  • Service Details by Claim
  • Sort and Filter options
  • Claim Type & Status indicators
  • Service Provider Details
VBAMobile ID Cards Screen

Plan details, network participation, as well as additional eligibility information to support ID Card needs.

  • Eligibility information
  • Plan participation
  • Networks available
  • Download ID Card
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Member Self-Service Mobile App

With VBAMobile, your members are plugged in to an industry leading Member Self-Service Mobile App. Through VBAMobile your members can perform numerous self-service functions, in real-time, that would normally require management or administrative oversite. Member self-service through the VBAMobile App eliminates cumbersome manual processes, phone calls and paperwork resulting in real, tangible savings by the administrator.

Key Benefits for Members:
  • Download EOBs and Temporary ID Cards
  • Review Claims and get details on what the Member owes
  • Communicate directly with HR or the Administrator
  • Submit address changes, PCP updates and more via real-time submissions