Hidden Costs are Driving Up Your Prescription Benefits

Traditional PBMs profit from hidden markups known as “spread pricing” or the practice of charging payers significantly more than a drug costs – while keeping customers and pharmacists in the dark - you have an unclear view of your claims data.

Introducing VBARx

The VBARx PBM delivers honest pricing with immediacy – removing the complexity and cost of the healthcare continuum. You and your employees pay exactly what a given prescription costs and avoid the markups.

Up to 96% of Claims Have Lower Prices With VBARx


  • Integrate seamlessly with any additional cost containment or utilization management vendors
  • View your prescription history and spending with detailed reporting
  • Access full over-the-counter drug lists to find generic alternatives
  • Experience engaged health management
  • Gain insight into your specialty prescription management
  • Proactively manage your formulary
Better Patient Experience
  • Receive over 1,200 patient assistance, copay assistance and manufacturer savings programs
  • Modify your formulary at any time to adjust for population needs
  • Access our premier nationwide network of over 65,000 pharmacies
  • Enjoy unique and flexible pharmacy benefits packages
  • Benefit from programs that focus on chronic condition adherence and preventive care
  • Offer step therapy and mail order pharmacy services
  • Engage patients through excellent member-facing prescription management tools
Cost Savings
  • Benefit from drug sourcing for 340b, international, multiple mail orders and multiple specialty pharmacies
  • Reduce spend on international prescriptions by sourcing at 30% of domestic charges on high cost brands
  • Enjoy the deepest discounts possible
  • Establish stability through fixed-fee pricing per employee
  • Access and apply network discounts
  • Utilize a generic-centered approach to formulary management
Join us in delivering on our vision of immediacy in healthcare.
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