Accounting Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Accounting Services can help you:
  • Export your checks to your favorites Check & EOB vendor or print your checks directly from within VBASoftware with customized check stock.
  • Checks can be generated from the Capitation, Claims, Premium Distributions or Commissions module and paid to a Provider, Payee, Group, Subscriber or Beneficiary depending on configuration.
  • Robust Claim Funding module allows for management of the Employer Group’s Claim funds allowing for a zero balance, request based funding approach or a pre-funded approach
  • Full suite of reconciliation options with customizable bank interface for balancing the claim funding account
  • Multiple Payor/Accounts for managing a specific account or managing a pay cycle or payroll in the case of disability
  • Automatically generate claim funding requests that are sent directly to the Group Accountant with Pre-Check and Check Register information on an upcoming check run
  • Hold claims that are tied to a claim funding request to prevent balances from being impacted with a delay in the funding process
  • Manage Account deposits and allow incoming Employer funds to automatically satisfy claims attached to a claim funding request
  • Check Process Wizard for easily moving through a check run automatically identifying Claim Accounts that have money available and claims to be paid while maintaining system integrity
  • Fully integrated account management allows cross module balancing of funding accounts without cumbersome external processes
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