Authorization Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Authorization Services can help you:
  • Each Authorization maintains Requested vs. approved vs. actual visits, amounts, time frame and more allowing for detailed reporting and analytics
  • Manage Authorization Status through configurable Approvals, Pends, and Denials with reason codes that automatically apply to claims
  • Unlimited Diagnosis Codes and Procedure Codes can be identified with each authorization with additional Modifier options
  • Correspondence Tracking stores all relevant letters sent to Members and/or Providers and gives administrators control over followup frequency, notification details and more
  • Configure notification E-mail of approvals to requesting Provider and/or Referring Provider
  • User-defined medical algorithms allow for process automation and auto-adjudication
  • Tight integration with VBAdjudicate allows real-time calculation of IBNR using all defined pricing components (Per-Diem, FFS, DRG, etc.)
  • Leverage VBASoftware Notes module allowing unlimited entry of utilization, eligibility, and provider notes while also storing any number of relevant attachments
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