Care Management Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Care Management Services can help you:

Care Plans

  • Full Care Plan definition including fully user defined question/answer sets. Every question can generate additional questions or be set to a configurable response type (string, date, number or even a lookup).
  • Have every response set to make a recommendation to the care manager or have a collection of responses trigger a recommendation to the care manager.
  • Dynamically assign a scoring system to each care plan and have individual responses or a collection of responses generate a score.
  • Easily manage the care plan by adding or removing questions and responses or by reordering question/answer sets.
  • Assign a Care Type and Weight to each Care Plan which allows the system to accurately determine when a Care Manager is overloaded or has bandwidth available for additional cases to be assigned.

Care Managers

  • Create any number of Care Managers and have those Care Manager assigned to user defined Care Units.
  • Create a reporting structure for Care Managers that can be used to determine which Care Managers can work a Case when another Care Manager is out or unavailable.
  • Maintain all aspects of a Care Manager including: is the Care Manager accepting cases, what cases does a Care Manager have access to, what is the case threshold for a Care Manager, and what types of care types and/or care plans a Care Manager can have assigned.

Case Management

  • Track numerous pieces of information specific to this case, including: tasks, work logs, medication, providers, savings, treatment plans and diagnosis details
  • Utilize the “My Case Load” interface to organize, maintain and review any cases assigned to the Care Manager currently logged into the system.
  • Bind a Care Manager to a User in the system. This allows the system to know that the user currently logged in is a Care Manager and will have a customized experience in the Care Management module.
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