Commission Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Commission Services can help you:
  • Highly configurable rating structure that allows for rates defined as PEPM (Billed/Received), PMPM (Billed/Received), % Billed, % Received, or even dependent level rates
  • Ability to pay commissions to any number of agents as well as the ability to set the percentage split on commissions paid on a configurable cycle (Monthly, Annual, etc.) while also allowing sub-splits for complete agency hierarchies
  • Scale settings allow for per Lifetime, Annual or Anniversary processing while term range definitions can tier rating across years based on when a member is first enrolled, when a group was enrolled or when a specific division was enrolled
  • Individual Business processing allows for agents to be assigned directly to the member when paying commissions
  • Ability to define any number of Agencies and store Agency specific demographic information as well as Payee information
  • Ability to define any number of Agents per Agency or independent of Agency and track Agent specific information such as EO Coverage Name, EO Coverage Level
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