Fee Schedule Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Fee Schedule Services can help you:
  • Define any number of fee schedules regardless of fee type (Standard, % of Medicare, Medicaid, U&C, etc.) and have them bound to any number of pricing entities
  • Comprehensive Usual & Customary options can be defined globally and then used with precision based on configuration and setup
  • Easily handle Medicare RBRVS through RVU assignment on a procedure by procedure basis within the fee schedule driving the cost of service
  • Each defined fee schedule holds full history with unlimited effective dates preventing issues with timely submissions or conversions
  • Highly configurable with specific amount or percent allowed by Procedure code, provider type, specialty, modifier, place of service and much more
  • Capability to “clone” fee schedules to minimize effort in creating a new fee schedule based on an existing fee schedule; the “clone” process allows for a default increase or decrease to the base fee schedule to create the new fee schedule
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