Notes Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Notes Services can help you:
  • Comprehensive Note authoring and tracking system that allows notes to be created and stored in a single data source and then attached to the appropriate areas within the application (e.g. create a note on a claim for Employee A, it will show up when viewing notes in the Membership area for Employee A as a Claim Category Note)
  • System locks out the modification and update of notes once complete (this note can then only be modified by an application administrator)
  • Ability to store effective dates on a note which allows for date sensitive, rules to be applied to various areas in the application (e.g. attaching a unique plan caveat that isn’t tracked by system edits)
  • Ability to attach documents to note and then allowing that document to be viewed by any user who views the note
  • Ability to search all notes at once regardless of what functional area the note was stored, which is especially useful for member or provider audits
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