Premium Billing Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Premium Billing Services can help you:
  • Robust rating structure that allows for almost limitless design in billing, including: plan, plan type, tier, benefit, network, enrollment counts, age/sex, employee address, employer address, adult/child and more
  • Individual Billing allows for premium processing at an individual independent of defined rates at the Employer Group/Division
  • Premiums calculated by Employee based on defined rates and whether the billing calculation is to be individual based or Group based
  • Self-Admin billing allows for premium calculations based on user entered census data at a group level without the need for individual eligibility
  • Payments received entered against original invoice allowing for an invoice to be closed short automatically creating a future adjustment for this group to enforce data integrity
  • Invoices are automatically adjusted when enrollment information is changed based on defined rules
  • Company and Group settings allow for dynamic definition of impacted enrollments when creating adjustments as well as what the Group deems is an Adjustment
  • Fully functional distributions area hooked to premium billing that applies user defined rules to automatically distribute payments to a specified payee
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