Provider Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Provider Services can help you:
  • Store detailed demographics and office information by service location for any number of providers and/or payee records with independent effectiveness, pricing rules and details
  • Providers can be attached to multiple Networks allowing for multiple fee schedules which can then be given priority based on user-defined rules or needs
  • Customizable provider rate area allowing for unique pricing outside of the attached fee schedule or discount percentages
  • Utilize VBASoftware Note services to track notes and attachments and have that information included in reports or when audits are performed
  • Per-Diems based on user-defined rules including Emergency Room rate, Inpatient vs. Outpatient as well as restricting by procedure
  • User-defined ID fields for each Provider allowing for tracking of network specific IDs or new IDs without changes to the core application (NPI for example)
  • Track Provider Type and Specialty information using industry standard coding or user-defined custom coding depending on business requirement
  • DRG calculations based on DRG Rate, Cost to Charge ratio, Trim Point and Cost Factor as well as calculating outlier details
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