Reinsurance Services

Here's how VBASoftware's Reinsurance Services can help you:
  • Reinsurer/Stop Loss Contract tracking at the policy level with a great deal of flexibility, including shock loss tracking, independent Spec/Agg limits by criteria, spec. advance fund, and configurable attachment points
  • Robust suite of reinsurance reports including shock loss, transaction submission, claim detail, aggregate and much more
  • Automated reinsurance transaction generation that dynamically identifies claims and member for loss while generating a configured set of client reports
  • Track all financial information for each individual claim pulled during the reinsurance transaction process, including reimbursed amounts, amounts applied to deductible, amounts applied to the agg and not covered
  • Hold all information specific to the stop loss contract, i.e. contract length, lasers, coverage exclusions based on benefit and procedure codes, tier factors with age and plan restrictions as well as reinsurance levels for layered contracts
  • Leverage the VBASoftware Notes module to attach any number of supporting documents or notes relevant to this contract
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