Comprehensive configuration and administration is easy with VBASoftware. Hundreds of reports, fully customizable security, and total control over your system are hallmarks of VBASoftware.

You should be in control of your software.


Administration made easy

VBAGateway Services

Easily manage and apply VBAGateway requests like address changes, enrollments, and adding new dependents. Update and view VBAGateway users, search historical requests, and more right from VBASoftware.

Report Services

VBA includes almost two hundred reports with fully-exposed SQL that your report writers can use and customize in their favorite SQL-based report writing tool. Save your reports as PDF or in a number of exportable formats such as XML, CSV, Text or HTML. Schedule reports or track letters for correspondence tracking using VBA Report Services.

Security Services

The personal data contained within your system needs to be locked down like Fort Knox these days. You can trust that the VBA Security Module allows you to secure every object and report in the application. Each object and report can be restricted to Admin, Update or View access through user defined security areas. Secure data within those objects and reports with data level security provided by VBA Security Services.

System Services

No high-quality software would be complete without what can often be numerous, complex settings. The VBA Control Panel gives you total control over all aspects of VBASoftware in one central, easily navigated location. Manage your Explanation Codes, Auto-Adjudication Settings, Process Automation, and much more using VBA System Services.

User Services

You can’t use a software system without the users themselves. Manage typical user information such as passwords, password expiration, name, and demographic information along with user logging and auditing. This logging process allows you to track when a user logs in or out of the system, when they went idle, what screens they visit and what information the user searched allowing for increased administration knowledge.