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Move Your Digital Experience Forward

Your customers want easy access to up-to-date information online and a seamless digital experience that is personalized to their needs and preferences.

VBAGateway is the premier cloud-based portal solution to improve your online experience, empowering your customers to connect, access information and take action.

Optimize the User Journey

VBAGateway provides a personalized experience that allows users to easily find the information, resources and support they need.

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Support Tools

  • Eligibility and Claims Details

  • Care Alerts

  • Medical Cost Estimator

  • Provider Finder

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Seamless Care

  • Verify Eligibility

  • Claim Submission and Status

  • Pre-Authorization Submission and Status

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Powerful Plan
Management Tools

  • Plan Insight and Analytics

  • Enrollment Configuration and Submission

  • Premium Invoice Management

  • Employee Record Management

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Plan Insights
and Support

  • Group Analytics Across Entire Book of Business

  • Commission Payment Insight

  • Employee Record Management

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Administrator Portal

Configure the User Experience Across Portals

Document Management

Communicate with Users (Secure Email, etc.)

Impersonate Members for Troubleshooting

Join the Real-Time Revolution

VBAGateway provides the most accurate, up-to-date information so you can support and engage with your customers


Intuitive help feature for users to access immediate support

Real-time connectivity with VBASoftware or your core administrative processing solution

Multi-factor authentication to ensure data is secure

Ability to translate portals into 50 languages for increased accessibility

Multiple software releases per year


Users can access the information they need, when they need it

Increased operational efficiency and reduced call volumes

Increased user engagement and utilization of the portal

Higher customer satisfaction and a positive user experience

Technology that is always up to date

VBAMobile - Reverse

Access Plan Information from Anywhere with VBAMobile

Add VBAMobile to your VBAGateway experience to make it even easier for your customers to access the information they need anytime from a mobile device. Our mobile-responsive design will ensure a consistent user experience across all platforms. All the features of your VBAGateway experience are incorporated into the app.

of consumers

use their mobile devices to complete health-related tasks along their patient journey.

(Source: AdTheorentRx Healthcare Advertising Trends Report)

Robust Reporting for Actionable Business Insights

VBA delivers comprehensive reporting to show adoption and utilization of our digital engagement solutions and calculate your return on investment.

Gain insight into:

Which customers are engaging with your digital experience

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What types of transactions they are requesting

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What time of day they are engaging with your tools

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Overall savings/ROI

Enhance Your VBAGateway Experience with Our Preferred Partners

Go further with VBA’s partner integrations for specialized solutions and services. All of our partners are fully integrated with VBAGateway for a seamless experience.

Here are just a few of the features you can add by turning on one of our fully integrated VBA partner solutions.

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Member Premium Payments

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Health Assessment and Wellness

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Language Translation

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