If you can dream it, you can build it with VBAPI.

Leverage VBA’s library of thousands of APIs to enhance your user experience and enable interoperability.

For ultimate flexibility, VBAPI offers backend access to the VBA platform for your technical team. Anything you can do with VBASoftware, you can do with our APIs.

How APIs Work

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Seamlessly Connect with VBAPI

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CONNECT VBA solutions with your existing architecture using VBA APIs

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ACCESS thousands of data access endpoints to advance functionality across benefits, claims, enrollment, accounting and more

Includes create, read, update, delete, batch, list and search functions

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STREAMLINE adjudication, authorizations, enrollments and more with hundreds of advanced endpoints


Optimize Your Operational Processes

  • Interfaces for automated input/output to external systems

  • Data ingestion and automated jobs

  • One-time data loads, such as individual claims

  • Custom portals and interfaces

  • Functionality and processes specific to your business

Our Developer Toolkit Makes It Easy

VBAPI comes with extensive API documentation and fully adheres to OAS3 standards for RESTful APIs. Get started with full access to our VBAPI Developer Kit.


The VBAPI Developer Kit includes:

  • Secure API key granting access to our APIs

  • Easy-to-use software development kit that consolidates all web APIs into a single library (Java, C#, JavaScript, and more)

  • Developer web portal with complete data dictionary, online code examples and an interactive tool to let you try it out


Build it your way, with VBAPI.

Download the VBAPI brochure or schedule a demo to learn more.