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Extend the Reach of Your Customer Support Team

Today’s customers expect convenient and reliable service at their fingertips anytime and from anywhere. It can be challenging for organizations to maintain staffing levels to keep up with the demand.

Bridge the customer service gap with VBAVoice, a multi-channel communications solution with IVR and notification capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with VBA’s cloud-based platform.

Superior Self-Service

Today’s Customers Prefer Self-Service Tools



of customers want the ability to solve product or service issues on their own


use self-service options when available

(Source: Radial)

Superior Self-Service

Today’s Customers Prefer Self-Service Tools



of customers want the ability to solve product or service issues on their own


use self-service options when available

(Source: Radial)

Exceed Customer Expectations with IVR

VBAVoice provides a superior interactive voice response (IVR) solution that is highly configurable to your needs and requires little to no training to implement. It can easily adjust as your organization grows and evolves without disrupting the business.

Extend your business hours by offering 24/7 support and service for your customers.

  • Respond to customer inquiries after hours

  • Offload call volumes for your customer service team during business hours, allowing them to focus on more complex calls

  • Save on administrative costs

  • Remove the potential for human error

Following VBAVoice best practice configuration, you can achieve a 46% call deflection rate.

Convenient Support, Reliable Service

With VBAVoice, your customers can easily complete transactions like:

Group 160712

Check the status of a claim

Group 160713

Check the status of a prior authorization

Group 160714

Verify eligibility

Group 160715

View member out-of-pocket costs

Group 160716

Obtain a portal registration code

Group 160717

Obtain a summary of benefits


Read Our Case Study to See How VBAVoice Helped One of Our Clients Achieve:


Call Deflection Rate
for Provider Calls

Savings of


Per Year

Optional features


Enhance your solution and boost engagement with optional text and email notifications that are enabled through the VBAGateway member portal.

Stay Connected with Notifications

  • Send email and text notifications to help you build stronger connections with your customers

  • Tailor the messages to meet your specific needs

  • Meet HIPAA requirements by providing a secure message that directs the user to the VBAGateway portal to access the details

  • Encourage your customers to quickly review the notification and take action

Measurable Results

Comprehensive IVR reporting helps you understand utilization patterns for your IVR features and calculate your return on investment.

Gain insight into:

  • Which customers are using your IVR

  • What types of transactions they are requesting

  • What time of day they are engaging with your tools

  • Where IVR users are getting stuck and disconnecting

  • Average quality rating for your chat sessions

  • Overall savings/ROI


See How Much You Could Be Saving with VBAVoice IVR

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