VBA CTO Rich Pierce Discusses the Benefits of Companies Moving to the Cloud in Amazon Web Services Fireside Chat

GERMANTOWN, WI – July 24, 2023 VBA announced today that its Chief Technology Officer, Rich Pierce was featured in a fireside chat with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to explain how VBA leveraged the cloud to grow its suite of software solutions for healthcare payers.

As an early adopter of cloud-based services, Pierce was invited to discuss VBA’s success story with Ben Schreiner, AWS’s Head of Business Innovation as part of the AWS Connected Community’s on-demand learning platform.

VBA began transitioning from a traditional on-premise server model to the cloud back in 2008, well before the cloud was a commonly known concept. At that time, VBA was a small company with a handful of clients and less than 10 employees.

“I knew there was no way for VBA to grow the way we wanted to grow if we were restricted by the limitations of our on-premise servers,” explained Pierce. “We needed to be able to scale quickly and Amazon’s cloud-based services offered limitless potential to grow our business.”

As a company serving payers in the healthcare space, security was top of mind throughout the transition, as well as scalability and reliability. VBA was able to successfully transition its core administrative processing solution, VBASoftware, to the cloud, as well as all of its operational and support services.

One of the major benefits of moving to the cloud was the ability for VBA to innovate and expand its product offerings.

“Once we had our cloud infrastructure in place we were able to unlock our full potential with things like APIs,” explained Pierce. “With our solutions being hosted in the cloud, we didn’t have to worry about load balancing our servers to handle the additional traffic. We had unlimited capacity.”

With this unlimited capacity and ability to scale quickly, VBA was positioned to build out additional product offerings, including VBAGateway portals for member, provider, employer and broker self-service, VBAVoice for real-time chat and IVR, and VBAnalytics for deep-dive reporting and predictive analytics. Each offering is securely hosted and available through AWS.

While many healthcare and financial services companies lag behind in adopting cloud-based solutions, VBA is at the forefront and is committed to taking advantage of the latest innovations to better serve its clients.

“We are currently working with serverless computing for our claims adjudication engine, which is super unique in the healthcare space,” said Pierce. “It provides us the ability to process and move huge volumes of claims. We want to be able to move ten million claims in a day, not 100,000. That’s the power of working in the cloud.”

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