VBASoftware includes premium billing, commissions, and care management services. No more need for multiple software solutions makes it easier for your company to manage their lines of business.

Ancillary concerns? No problem with VBASoftware.


VBASoftware does everything else, too

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Commission Services

Keep your agents and consultants happy and efficient with the VBASoftware commission module. Define rates as received, billed, PEPM, or PMPM on a user defined payment cycle. The commission module also allows for a number of unique rate structures by scale, term range, volume or demographic information.

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Care Management Services

In our recent history, VBA had a sister company that was an HMO. This relationship gave us the insight to develop a complex and all-inclusive care management module founded with hands-on experience. We maintain care managers and care units responsible for user configurable care plans with no limitation on design. Help your members stay healthy and live their best life.

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Premium Billing Services

Premium billing can be a cumbersome and maddening aspect of administration. Not so with VBA. VBASoftware provides you with configurable settings for rates that can be assigned dynamically, individually or in mass, across your entire business. This flexibility makes the management of client billing a breeze.

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