Are You Ready for VBAPI? Three Things You Should Consider

By Matt Salerno, Senior Software Engineer


VBA has developed a powerful tool called VBAPI that allows you to easily connect our technology solutions to your existing architecture. By adding VBAPI to VBASoftware, you can leverage VBA’s library of thousands of APIs to connect and share data from VBASoftware with other internal and external solutions such as credentialing systems, financial systems, mailing services and clearinghouses, just to name a few.

How APIs Work

APIs are essentially a call and response process that allows you to share data from one system with another. VBA’s library of APIs provides access to thousands of data access endpoints across a wide variety of functions within VBASoftware, such as benefits, claims, enrollment, accounting and more. Using APIs for one-time queries of your database is a more secure and reliable way to share data.

Interoperability is a key buzzword in healthcare right now, but not all technology vendors are able to meet the diverse needs of healthcare payers. VBAPI is designed to allow you to communicate and share information among disparate systems in an efficient and effective way.

Optimizing Your Operational Processes

VBAPI can be used to implement functionality and processes specific to your business, thereby optimizing your operations. You can use VBAPI to develop interfaces for automated input/output to external systems, data ingestion and automated jobs. It also supports one-time data loads, such as individual claims into your VBASoftware database.

With VBAPI you will have access to a wide variety of functions such as create, read, update, delete, batch, list and search. You can also streamline adjudication, authorizations, enrollments and more with hundreds of advanced processing endpoints.

VBAPI Developer Toolkit

VBAPI comes with extensive API documentation and fully adheres to OAS3 standards for RESTful APIs. The VBAPI Developer Kit includes:

  • A secure API key granting access to our APIs
  • An easy-to-use software development kit that consolidates all web APIs into a single library (Java, C#, JavaScript and more)
  • A developer web portal with a complete data dictionary, online code examples and an interactive tool to let you try it out.

Are You Ready for VBAPI?

If you have VBASoftware and you are considering whether or not to add VBAPI to your suite of VBA solutions, here are three things to consider:

1. The Power of APIs. APIs are powerful tools that allow different software solutions to communicate with each other. If you have multiple internal and external solutions that need to share information in real-time, then you can benefit from VBAPI. How can APIs transform your business and make it easier to share data among systems?

2. Optimizing Operational Processes. VBAPI can help you optimize your operational processes by automating queries and other manual processes that are taking up too much of your staff’s time and attention. How can you use our APIs to improve efficiency and productivity in your organization?

3. Assistance for Your Development Team. One of the benefits of VBAPI is that it can save a significant amount of time for your development team. The VBAPI Developer Toolkit provides a range of resources to help developers make the most of the APIs. How can you leverage this toolkit to speed up the development process and create more effective solutions?

VBA Can Help

If you would like to know more about VBAPI and how it can streamline your operations, contact us to schedule a time to chat with one of our technical experts who can answer your questions about APIs and help you decide how to move forward.