Business Services

VBA services client needs as an extension of both their business staff and IT staff. With VBA Services you get more than just a software system, you get solutions.

Providing services that help you succeed.



Implementing a new software solution can be trying, but not with VBA. With our Business Services you are assigned a dedicated business expert with years of software implementation experience. VBA Business Services will create all the necessary artifacts and establish milestones to carry you through the implementation process. Optionally, during the implementation, you have access to our Change Management program. This program helps you engage your staff in the implementation process while building new team dynamics using VBASoftware and VBAGateway.

Implementation Process


Getting the appropriate amount of training when you acquire a new software package is critical to the success of an implementation. VBA Business Services will put together a comprehensive training program that will ensure you become an expert using VBASoftware and VBAGateway. In addition to implementation training, VBA Business Services also performs maintenance training to keep you up to speed on new functionality released in the software monthly.

Business Process Improvement

It can be extremely difficult to retrofit your existing processes into a new software system. These processes are typically years in the making and are an important part of what you do. What’s more, your client relies on those processes. VBA Business Services is keenly aware of this and will put together a plan to change those processes in a way that you can feel comfortable with. Through a combination of needs analysis and experience using our software, we can close the gap and assure you and your clients a seamless transition to VBA.

Key Benefits:
  • Integrated Process Automation
  • Continuous Best Practice Evaluation
  • Market Driven Functionality
  • Reflective Analytics & Insights

Smooth Sailing With Experienced VBA Support Staff

Project Management

Project Management is an important component of any software solution. VBA Business Services provides detailed project management throughout the implementation process as well as post-live client projects. In all instances, VBA Business Services will work with you to tailor a detailed plan and process for accomplishing any requirement.

Help Desk

A good help desk is representative of good software. Typically, you would find a help desk managed by IT, but not with VBA. Our help desk is manned by business analysts that are not only familiar with our software but who also have years of industry experience. This approach allows our first level response to resolve a vast majority of reported issues without the need to elevate to a business expert. VBA Business Services also utilizes a streamlined escalation process that allows the most critical of issues to be answered quickly. The result is a highly effective and receptive support structure.