VBA provides a claims platform that handles a wide variety of claim types: You can administer Medical, Dental, Vision, HSA, HRA, Flex, Disability and Life, on one easy-to-use platform. Utilize VBA's Suspense Module and Audit Module for additional claims managements.

Administer any type of claim using VBASoftware.


Powerful claims software

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Claim Services

VBASoftware Claims Services is a highly configurable, all inclusive module that allows the administration of many lines of business, including: Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex, Disability and Life. In addition, VBASoftware Claim Services has support functionality for Suspense Processing, Claims Auditing and detailed analytics and reporting.

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Accounting Services

VBASoftware includes a feature-rich accounting module that allows you to perform all the necessary financial functions of a health plan administrator. With VBA, you’ll have everything you need to easily carry a claim through the entire funding process - from requesting funds through cutting checks. Claims can be heavy, so let VBA be your software forklift.

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Authorization Services

Utilizing the VBA Authorization Module, you can rest easy knowing that you have a robust claims management and prior authorization process. VBA authorization information is tightly coupled with adjudication which allows for automatic assignment and satisfaction of approved authorizations.

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Fee Schedule Services

Define any number of fee schedules and pricing structures and have them assigned by network and effective date to any number of provider records.

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Reinsurance Services
Reinsurance Services

Why pay claims yourself when someone can do it for you? VBA Reinsurance Services allows you to define contracts to the Group, Division or even Subscriber level along with any number of defined claim criteria. Lasered deductible, tier factors, aggregate specific members, and reinsurance leveling for life claims allow you to handle any contract your sales team comes up with.

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