Customer Service

VBASoftware includes all of the components required to meet the needs of your business today and in the future. With premium functionality such as integrated customer service dashboards and benefit plan design testing, VBASoftware can facilitate business in the most effective and efficient manner in the market today. This leads to reduced administrative costs and increased productivity across the entire organization.

Built for excellent customer service.


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Call Tracking Services

Customer Service is a critical component to any administrative software package. VBASoftware’s full call tracking, notes, and document management capabilities are all at your fingertips. This functionality, paired with easy navigation to key data in the application, enables your CSRs to be exceedingly productive and effective.

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Event Services

With the VBASoftware Event Services Module, you can create any event and have automated schedule reminders. The Event Services Module is also leveraged by many components within VBASoftware, allowing for a single repository of event and task information.

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Grievance Services

Grievances and the tracking associated with these activities can be quite cumbersome and exhaustive. At VBA, we understand this process intimately and have the built in flexibility to consolidate all functions into a central location to include the associated notes, unique codes, and complete documentation.

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Notes Services

The VBASoftware Notes Module is dynamic, customizable, and allows for unlimited tracking of notes and document information. Notes assigned through VBASoftware will intelligently share reference information with other notes for a single collection of documented information.

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