Administer all lines of business using VBASoftware's eligibility modules and services. Fully customizable plans and benefits allow your company to focus on business, and not software.

Configure, enroll, and administer all your lines of business.


Super flexible, super easy

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Benefit Services

Plan and Benefit design is the very heart of administration. With VBASoftware you are given a highly flexible and dynamic application for plan and benefit construction. Using VBASoftware, you can control every aspect of claims payment and auto-adjudication.

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Enrollment Services

The ability to administer all lines of business on a single platform requires you to have an enrollment area capable of tracking a wide array of setup options. Enroll members in any number of customized plan and tier combinations while maintaining extensive details for accumulators, disability, bank accounts, invoices, and much more.

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Group Services

Employer Groups are the organizational structure of all members held within VBASoftware. VBASoftware allows for a wide variety of setup options and configurations including plan, tier, and network offerings along with any number of unique Divisions representing locations or employee type.

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